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Welcome to the second half of 2022. July for many of us is that time when we set off on a well-earned Summer holiday. For those, in the world of retail and e-commerce it’s the start of another important journey - planning for Peak!  

The smart business leaders who have studied published CX Trends data will recognise that their customer service and support teams will make the difference between success and failure not just in 2022, but throughout 2023.


In reality, 71% of business leaders have woken up to the fact that customer service agents are essential for driving sales.


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Furthermore, 93% of their beloved customers are already voting with their feet by making repeat purchases if they have a positive experience.


93% of beloved customersv2

This all sounds extremely promising but the stark reality is achieving this requires a shift in the way you communicate and the technologies used to provide support to your customers. 

Retail is yet to embrace the concept of providing fast, personalised and convenient support via the channels that customers prefer to use on a daily basis. Inbound contact centres still rely primarily on telephony, email and poorly integrated add-ons. Agents work on multiple screens, temporary agents are recruited to deal with backlogs, whilst third-party fulfilment often operate in different, disconnected environments adding to the chaos in the run-up to Christmas.MESSY_ICONS_SOLUTIONS_V1

You can avoid the chaos, if you are prepared to improve your brand interactions and embrace Conversational Support. Following this path requires platform standardisation, a unified workspace for support, integration, automation and improvement.




Zendesk & Ada achieve this perfectly at the 'front-end' and deliver smooth brand interactions, for customers and agents alike by combining AI, machine learning across multiple consumer channels (e.g. Social Media, Chat, WhatsApp, Mobile, Email etc).




Whilst simultaneously at the 'back-end', real intelligence and business value through automation is  derived through integrating CRM, business applications and associated workflows and surfacing in required channels or agent workspaces. This allows chatbots or agents to personalise, analyse and interact with customers, wherever customers or your agents choose to start the conversation.


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The net result, is fast, convenient and personalised conversational support delivered into the hands of the customer, in the channel they wanted, on the device they are using, without hassle, disruption, or irritation.


Messaging on different devices


So picture the benefits at Peak. Be Anywhere (interact in any channel), Be Proactive (preempt and start conversations), Be Personalised (create a 1:1 relationship with the customer), Be Effortless (integrate to create zero-touch support) and Be Self-Improving (use machine learning and insights to continually improve).

Ticket deflection, reduced waiting times by up to 98%....what’s not to like!


reduced waiting times 98%


The good news? You still have time to implement.

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