1In the post-pandemic world in which we live, we all understand the importance of personal health. Hence, why it’s important to periodically attend a ‘check-up’.

SaaS software is no different. It’s an evolving, living entity and the beating heart of your organisation. It's imperative that how it has been deployed, how it is currently functioning and how customers, agents and administrators are interacting with it, is checked regularly to ensure full value is being unlocked.2

As it’s ever-evolving, it’s important to understand whether new features and applications have arrived that could be of value. As an example, the advent of conversational support means there is increased urgency and demand to deploy Messaging and AI tools to deliver fast, convenient and personalised support to their customers.

And finally, as your organisation may be evolving and expanding, it’s worth understanding whether it would now benefit commercially or operationally from an upgrade to a more feature-rich licence plan. Or alternatively, become more efficient through the deployment or integration of third-party applications within an existing help-desk.
A lack of product knowledge and in-house project management resources can be a barrier to optimising the deployment and use of Zendesk. As such, we have a tried and tested health-check formula available to existing users free of charge.

With access to the instance and the help of an experienced analyst, we provide a report detailing how best to optimise and if appropriate, where an upgrade might give you a far better return on investment.3We can even provide you with options for Continuous Improvement, where we optimise and onboard for you over a 12m period, taking the pressure off internal resources.

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